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Liveness Check API​

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Biller Payment APIs​

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How can I integrate BaaS to my business?​

Send a mail to [email protected] with brief information on your business and also request for an integration to the BaaS platform. A representative of ours would reach out to you.

Would I be charged for using this service?​

Yes, the charges differ depending on your integration

 Is this service offered in all locations?​

The service is currently offered in Nigeria

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Wallet Product​ Features

  • Account creation APIs:

    This feature allows a client to setup a new Nuban account/wallet for their customers/users through their API integration with VFD. Clients can create Individual/corporate accounts (Both static and dynamic).

Wallet Product​ Features

  • Transfer APIs

    This feature allows the clients onboarded on our wallet APIs to perform outward transactions. We have endpoints that allows you get account information needed to initiate a transfer request, initiate an intrabank or interbank transfer, retrieve the list of banks, retrieve details of a transaction, and simulate inward credits into your pool account with the bank.

Wallet Product​ Features

  • Liveness Check API

    This feature allows a client to verify the liveness of an uploaded image based on probability, the higher the probability the higher the liveness.

Wallet Product​ Features

  • QR Code API

    This feature allows a client to generate Qr code for payments using the NIBSS Qr code. Client is also able to retrieve a merchants details using Qr

Bill Payment Product​ Features

  • Get biller list

    This feature allows the client to get the list of available billers on the platform

  • Get biller Items

    This feature allows the client to get a list of the products available from the selected biller​

  • Pay bills

    This feature allows the client make payment for the transaction​

  • Get transaction status

    This endpoint allows a client to get the actual status of a bill payment transaction

Loan Product​ Features

  • Loans API

    This feature allows you create and disburse loans to your customers

POS Infrastructure

  • This feature provides a POS Infrastructure that allows transactions to be powered by our card technology. Our smart routing system ensures that merchants can always receive payments from their clients. We provide a POS management system that simplifies the payment process while adhering to industry best practices.

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