How can I integrate BaaS to my business?​

Send a mail to [email protected] with brief information on your business and also request for an integration to the BaaS platform. A representative of ours would reach out to you.

Would I be charged for using this service?​

Yes, the charges differ depending on your integration

 Is this service offered in all locations?​

The service is currently offered in Nigeria

How do I own a wallet?​

Once you have completed the onboarding process, a wallet is automatically generated for you.

What can I do with my wallet?​

You can create accounts, fund transfers, bill payments, loans etc.

Do you provide support during/after the integration process?​

Yes, we usually create a support channel for ease of collaboration

What is the difference between POOL and 1-1 Implementation?​

POOL – In this implementation, funds will always settle in your company’s corporate accounts which is also known as the pool account. Hence, the sub account balance would always have zero balance​ 1-1 – In this implementation, funds settle in individual accounts which is subject to our business policy.

Can the wallet accounts be used for cross-border payment?​ ​

No, it can’t be used for cross-border payments at the moment.​

What is the withdrawal limit of a sub-wallet?​

The wallet accounts have a single withdrawal limit of N1,000,000. ​

What is the daily deposit limit of a sub-wallet?​

There are no limits to the deposits that can be received into the account.

How do I receive transaction notifications on inward transactions?​ ​

We would ask you to provide us with a webhook for this.​

What is a webhook?​

Webhooks are one of the few ways web applications can communicate with each other. It allows you to send real-time data from one application to another. The receiving client usually provides the webhook url.​

Can I change my webhook Url?​

Yes, you can change your webhook Url

What kind of transactions can my webhook receive?​ ​

Transfers, inward credit, bill payments, POS/USSD transactions

Do I need authentication for the webhook?​

Yes, it’s ideal you implement authentications on your webhook.

What do I do if my webhook is not getting notifications?​

Firstly, check if your webhook is publicly accessible, then escalate on the support channel.

Is SSL Certificate Installation mandatory for my webhook to work?​

Yes, for security reasons all webhook should be able to receive notifications over HTTPS.

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